• November 18, 2016

A coffee with Bokadirekt CMO Nils Gilberg

Bokadirekt is a great product which helps venues like gyms, hair salons, yoga studios and massage centers to facilitate more customers through an online booking service. They are one of the Brands we work with in Scandinavia and we met up with their CMO Nils Gilberg.

What’s your role at Bokadirekt?

I’ve been with Bokadirekt since 2007 where my responsibilities have been to take care of our company’s sales. I’m helming the Luleå office where we have our customer support and reception services. A lot has happened during my time at the company and we’ve gone from 20 clients to around 8200 clients today.

How would you say the attitude from Swedes has changed over the years towards booking things online?

In 2007 the end consumer was very careful about booking time slots online and beauty parlours, for example, were actually downright reluctant to the idea of accepting bookings over the internet. Today, however, most people take online booking features for granted and assume it’s there on the websites. And with this, venues now have a whole other mindset.

If you were a Brand Ambassador, how would you pitch Bokadirekt?

More customers, an easier life and much better customer service. Through additional new customers, as well as new bookings from existing customers, the monthly cost of Bokadirekt quickly pays for itself.

Generally speaking, which is the best way to close a deal with Bokadirekt?

Much of the fear of using online bookings is about ignorance and venues simply not understanding how it works. We should always tell the venue owner that we take care of everything. We help them to set up the booking page and show them how it works.

What was the first thing you booked or purchased online?

The Japanese version of Pokémon for Game Boy. It was a lot of fun even though I had no clue of what they said to each other.

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