• November 30, 2016

“I realized how much I really wanted this job”

We had a chat with Finnish Brand Ambassador, Taru Ellilä. She recently finished her onboarding with us and is now ready to evangelize the benefits of Universal Avenue’s brand portfolio to venues in Finland. To maximize motivation, she went to England and spent a couple of days out with our local Brand Ambassador Coaches, getting a first-hand training in the art of sales.

“I started working as a Brand Ambassador not too long ago, maybe a month or so. I read about you guys on LinkedIn. Part of the application process is that you have the option to record a video presentation of yourself, but I never did that and only sent my resume. After sending my CV, I started thinking more about the position and realized how much I really wanted this job. Luckily for me, I was contacted by Sami (Market Lead Finland) and I started my onboarding shortly after.”

Taru tells us that she is used to having a lot of things going on in her life at the same time. In the next couple of months she’s planning to focus more on her job as a Brand Ambassador and to get certified for more Brands from the Universal Avenue portfolio.

“Prior to joining Universal Avenue I was studying Marketing Communications at the Bournemouth University and after completing my studies, I spent the summer in Finland. At the moment, I work as a Brand Ambassador part-time as I have a couple of startup things going on as well. But I will focus on the Finnish market since I’m planning to be here for a while now. Right now I’m certified for Google Business View and will certify myself for Spotify Business and Bambora very soon as well.”

One of the things Taru values most about being a Brand Ambassador is that it gives her the opportunity to decide over her own time.

“The best thing about being a Brand Ambassador is the freedom to know that I can work whenever I want to and the way I want to, which in this case is learning by doing. I’ve done some freelancing prior to becoming a Brand Ambassador, but it was very far from what I do at Universal Avenue.”

During her stay in the UK she reached out to one of the Brand Ambassador Coaches in London, where Taru spent three full days observing and shadowing the team in action.

“We visited Spitalfields Market as well as many pubs, tailors and a bunch of other places. In some places, we actually got to sit down and have a chat with the venue owners. It was nice being out and talking to a lot of people. Spending time with the Coaches in London has definitely given me the motivation and boost to get started properly with my work as a Brand Ambassador.”

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