• August 18, 2016

"It’s really all about the Brand Ambassadors

We often talk about the Brand Ambassadors. That’s because they’re the very heart of Universal Avenue and also the reason we started this company. We had a chat with Daniel, who’s leading the work of the Brand Ambassador community at Universal Avenue.

Who are you and what have you been doing previous to Universal Avenue?

I’m a happy music-loving movie buff and passionate fisherman from Sweden, living with my girlfriend and french bulldog in Stockholm. I’ve been at Universal Avenue a couple of months now and before coming here I worked at a crowdsourcing startup in Germany, where I was responsible for bringing their services to the Nordic markets. Previous to that I’ve done marketing, CRM, event and community management at game companies, digital agencies and other startups (i.e. King where I took part in launching Candy Crush Saga).

What’s your role at Universal Avenue?

community of Brand Ambassadors, ensuring that it’s thriving. And to make sure we engage and inspire Brand Ambassadors as much as we can.

How do you do that?

Brand Ambassadors are digital experts, meaning they are online pretty much all the time and easily adopt to new ways of communication. Therefore, a lot of the job I’m doing is online, on our social media channels, instant messaging tools, website and our blog. Basically everywhere where the Brand Ambassadors have a digital presence. At the same time, a personal relationship is just as important so I try to meet all of our Brand Ambassadors in person as well. I organize events, meetups and motivational sessions where we can get together to bond and socialize with Brand Ambassadors. A lot of them are working in different cities, therefore it’s very important to make sure we all gather once in awhile, to meet and learn from each other.

How does your job differ from what the Brand Ambassador Coaches are doing?

While Universal Avenue is all about sales, the difference between my job and the Coaches is that I focus on the social aspect of the Brand Ambassador community and to connect them with each other. Coaches are almost entirely focused on sales, helping the Brand Ambassadors reach their individual goals. Also, Coaches are usually working with Brand Ambassadors located in their own region.

You’re based at the Universal Avenue HQ in Stockholm. Are you only focusing on Brand Ambassadors working in Sweden?

Oh no. Universal Avenue have Brand Ambassadors working all over Europe and we’re adding new markets all the time. Also, we get hundreds of applications every day, so the number of Brand Ambassadors in each market increases constantly.

What are you most excited about in your role as Community Builder?

Meeting new people and sharing information! My job is all about building relationships and making sure our Brand Ambassadors feel that they have our support, regardless of where in the world they work. It’s really all about the Brand Ambassadors. I’m always up for new conversations and ideas, so if you have any good ones hit me up on daniel.engstrom@universalavenue.com.

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